Purpose & Vision

Story behind foundation of CakeSoft Technologies goes few years back in time when the entrepreneur inside Co-Founder's made them leave their jobs to chase their dream.

They developed a prototype & looked out help from software companies for further development. Experience was bad as proposal/estimate was unrealistic. High quote, no assurance & loopholes in clauses (enabling delays valid).

Then we turned to freelancer's. Experience was not great this way either.As this path lacks quality and responsibility, no collaboration.

Walking on both paths we felt a need to set up a company to help SMBs, entrepreneurs like us conquer their dreams.

How We Do for More

Our Portfolio

Only a few projects are showcased here due to NDA.

Our Clients

Other than majority clients in our focus area, i.e. startup & SMB, we have delivered projects for few NASDAQ & NSE listed companies!

Global logistics & freight forwarding services organization, providing revolutionary logistics management software which is being used by 53 of the fortune 500 companies

Health & Wellness analytics company, provides disruptive wellness platform which is being used by leading fitness club chains in Oregon, California, etc.

NSE listed Indian financial services company, a $970M enterprise

Ulzi, a startup company in San Luis Obispo that’s creating an app that they hope will help prevent sexual assaults.

Diversified group of premier educational institutions in India

Houston based leading end to end mechanical/HVAC commercial contractor

Alternative Investment market of India

Innovative Technology enterprise for Quantification of Sea Status

Colorado based Convenient REALTY solutions company

Turnkey housing solutions establishment (Temporary housing permanent comfort)

Big data and business strategy company, formed by IIT-B alumnus

Inhospitals is founded in 2013 by group of Doctors and Technology experts. It is one of its own kinds, providing online health care services.

Only a few clients are showcased here due to NDA.